“I love the lofty theology that somehow causes your mind to grapple and wrestle with high and difficult concepts. It is wonderful. It does something for me. It feeds my soul. It stretches me but at the same time I feel more and more that we have to take what is written here, especially these words of Jesus, and we have to make it work for people. When Jesus says something we need not to just say, “Well, there’s truth,” and leave it in that sphere. We need to listen and we need to submit to what He says. We need to somehow let those words of truth change us deeply from within.
The Gospels are more than just a historical record of who Jesus was, what He did and those who followed Him. These are the words that Jesus said.
When Jesus speaks He speaks like no one else. And even when He says a few words somehow those words address us, challenge us very, very deeply. They are not always easy to understand but even what seems to be simple in its presentation somehow calls into the depths of our being.
There is no issue or any problem in life that cannot be changed by the very words of Jesus Himself.
We need to apply these things more than ever- it is what is called applied theology.”



Educated in England and currently leading a church in Ontario, Canada, David J. Jones has been preaching and teaching the Word of God for more than 30 years.

There is a rare mixture of Biblical integrity and Spiritual gifting shown in David’s leadership. With a passion for helping our Lord build a stronger Church, David’s gifts have been key in establishing foundations that do just that.

David’s ultimate vision is to see God’s Church restored and he has developed a unique equipping program to help individual Christians discover their true identity in Christ and to learn how Grace operates in their lives.

Christians from parts of the United States, the United Kingdom and as far away as China have come to Canada to sit under David’s teaching and have been deeply affected by the truth they have received.

From helping overseas workers (aka missionaries) better understand their role in the Kingdom, to encouraging others in breaking free of the bondage of legalism, David J. Jones’ contributions to God’s people have been immeasurable.



Position Statement:

God, who reveals himself as Father, Son and Holy Spirit, is unique in his self-existence. He is Sovereign Lord over all, being creator and sustainer of all things. His salvation purposes are accomplished through the Word who became flesh, Jesus the Son of God and Son of Man. Salvation is through him, alone, by repentance and faith. His complete victory over evil and death guarantees the eternal security of all those who are his. Jesus who came full of grace and truth, enables us to live an overcoming life by the gift of the Holy Spirit and the gifts that he continues to give us throughout this Kingdom Age. These gifts include apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers as well as all spiritual gifts and as he determines. The present Kingdom could be described in the terms of being “Now but Not Yet” and is an expression of what would be called Partial Preterist Amillenialism. The full continuation view of apostles etc is not to be confused with the New Apostolic Reformation, which is an end time belief system with connections to aberrant Dominion Theology.