I Kneel Before the Father

What are we doing when we pray? Why are we doing it? Does it make a difference?

The answers to these questions and more will be discussed in a full day seminar taught by David J. Jones of Cornerstone Church on Saturday, May 10th. Come join us and learn how true prayer brings us closer to God and what purpose it serves in His Kingdom.



Mystery, Magic and Make-Believe

What we believe will significantly affect how we pray. Understand how different belief systems can often mislead people and seriously affect their prayer life.


What does it mean to “intercede” in prayer? And when is it appropriate to do so?

The Disciples’ Prayer

Jesus Himself teaches us how to pray in this well-known piece of Scripture. Understand the meaning and intentions behind each of the instructions He sets forth.

Is Prayer Really A Weapon?

Learn how true prayer brings us closer to God and what purpose it really serves in His Kingdom.

General Conditions for Answered Prayer

God listens to many requests but does He answer all of them in the way we expect? Find out when and how God responds to His people.

Praying in the Spirit

Where do our deepest prayers come from and how does this work itself out in our daily lives? Learn about what it truly means to “pray in the spirit” as we explore this and other important questions.